I have been teaching groups and individuals for over 10 years now. I have come up with very creative ways to...

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The "David Method" Hebrew course is designed for anyone who wants to learn online. For only $27 you can get access to the entire 15 part course!

Why should you get this course?

It has helped people of all ages achieve the best results because of the creative and comprehensive approach Elana Watson has brought to learning Hebrew.
Who is this Hebrew course designed for?

The whole family, leaders of congregations, bible students and pilgrims traveling to Israel.
How is this course constructed, unique and effective?

It has been developed through years of teaching experience, conducting surveys and doing research. Elana Watson, a North American native English speaker, has learned Hebrew in Israel and now guides people to a better understanding of the Hebrew language using a method so effective you will be reading Hebrew in the first 5 minutes.

What opportunities will be available for you after you are empowered with new Hebrew skills?
You will be able to analyze key passages in scripture, read, write, sing songs, use key phrases and study root words both in Modern and Biblical Hebrew. You will also learn key information about the history of Hebrew.

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